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    Each week you'll have access to a new in-depth lesson that builds on the last to ensure you can't make a mistake and keep moving forward.

  • Be Part of the Team

    Learn with other agents who are trying to make the same changes inside their agencies.

  • Stuff That Works

    Results are the only thing that matter. That's why we're teaching you stuff that is specific to insurance and already working for other agents.

  • Joshua Lipstone
    Being part of GROW Academy has been a huge help for me and my agency. It has allowed me access to the forward thinkers in the insurance industry that I would not have been able to find without them. Their guidance and advice has been the catalyst for the way I view my agency now and for the future. I would highly recommend The GROW Program for those individuals and agencies that want to be relevant now and in the future. - Joshua Lipstone
    Joshua Lipstone
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GROW Academy Lessons

  • Defining Your Niche

    If you don't know who you're looking for, you'll never find them. Let's learn about why your agency needs to be an inch wide and a mile deep.

  • Building a Consistent Brand

    From logos to fonts to colors, creating a consistent visual representation of what your agency is about it creates the trust you need.

  • Understanding Website Platforms

    You have to build your digital home on a solid foundation. We teach you what the best options are and how to use them.

  • What NOT to do With Your Website

    Learn from other agents mistakes on how to create a functional website that solves peoples problems.

  • How To Write Google Approved Headlines

    Making sure your blog articles are found by Google is your number one marketing priority. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  • The Two Types of Emails You Should Send

    We breakdown email marketing at it's core to understand what types of emails you should be sending and when.

  • Sidebars That Convert

    If there's too much people don't know what to do. If there isn't enough they won't know where to go next.

  • Email Platforms

    Learn what some of the best email automation platforms are to always be able to send the right email to the right person at the right time.

  • Blogging That Gets Business

    It's easy to do when you know what you're writing pushs the needle and makes the phone ring.

  • Creating Calls-to-Actions and Landing Pages

    If you don't tell people what to do next, they won't do it. You also need a special place to send them.

  • Website Analytics That Tell You What to Do Next

    Don't burn out your marketing engine chasing vanity metrics. Track the right data can predict the future.

  • How to Design a Blog That Keeps People Reading

    Much like your agency's brand, your blog page can't look like it just survived WWII. The more pages people read the more trust you earn.

  • How To Format Blog Articles

    It's all about readability. If your fonts are two small and your paragraphs too long your visual crimes will haunt you.

  • Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

    It doesn't matter how many fancy email you send, if you're subject lines aren't getting opened it's over.

  • Email Newsletters

    You have to be able to write something people want to read and send it at a time they'll able to enjoy it.

  • Email Autoresponders

    Learn how to take your prospects on a journey they will follow you on all the way to becoming a client.

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  • Mark Bailey Jr.
    Joey has always been pushing the limits on how to sell insurance. What he's put together in the GROW Academy is some of the best information agents can learn from. Our agency has already put it to work. - Mark Bailey Jr.
    Mark Bailey Jr.