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Want to have a say about your own personal brand and need to create a way to connect with your prospects and customers? You need to meet them where they are…online. GROW can help you get there. Find out how we can help you.


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Know your agency needs to make the leap into the next generation and not sure how?  At GROW we believe it’s about creating a Social and Digital Business because what works in the offline world works in the online world.  See how we can get you where you want to go.



As an association your number one goal is communicating more effectively to your membership.  That’s exactly what becoming Social and Digital is all about.  Learn how GROW is helping state associations reach their membership in new exciting ways.

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In the spirit of creating a community of agents and bringing together the best and brightest in the industry our blog is a true resource for agents.  Our library of content is a true resource for the insurance industry.


Is Your Agency Attracting the Right Customers? I Doubt it, Here’s Why

There are a lot of fancy words used to describe this unicorn customer of sorts from ideal client to buyer persona and even avatar. It really doesn’t matter what phrase you prefer, they are all seeking to define the same thing: the right customer. That is, the person you want to do business with all the time. Every decision you make up and down, inside and out of your company should be focused on not only attracting this person, but also telling everyone else to go away. Gasp! In an [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Successful Insurance Agent in the Digital Space

For insurance agents who are just entering or have long been in the digital space, you at one point questioned whether or not running a social media and digital business could effectively produce a solid return. I mean, WTF? (Why the Face!) You doubted whether or not you could actually find and create the content you need to maintain an engaging digital persona -well enough to create leads and sell business. Least to say, you had your doubts. Well in this 7-part blog series, Duke Revard (VP of Sales and Marketing [...]

Did You Know We Have a Podcast?

We believe in giving a voice to those that have no voice and Agents Influence does that for agents.  We talk about the biggest issues effecting the insurance industry and have everyone from local agents to CEO’s of some of the largest insurance companies on our podcast.


Back to the Future. Will You Still be There in Five Years?

“Where will you be five to ten years from now?”

Jason Cass is back to discuss the future of the insurance industry and picks the brain of another weird and amazing person, Aaron Wallrich, a fourth generation family agency owner who wants to challenge you to think of what it will take to survive the industry in the next five to ten years.

Aaron Wallrich is the Sales Manager of Wallrich Agency in Shawano, Wisconsin and an active member of industry social circles.  He’s known for creating his agency’s in-house data management system and knows what it’s taken the industry to transform in the last 40 years.

Together with Jason Cass, Aaron Wallrich points out the systems, processes and bag of tricks you might be missing to keep up with the changes in the industry and in how you deliver value.


Sharing is Caring – Part 2 of Billy Van Jura’s Interview

If you missed the first half, Jason Cass and Billy Van Jura talked about insurance as a commodity and why that should be seen as your greatest advantage.  They also talked about the types compensation model that works and builds perpetuation in your agency.  In this second half, Billy switches it up and turns to his own questions about social media.  See why your success depends on genuine sharing.  Sharing is caring.

*I have to apologize once again.*  Like Part 1, some parts had software recording quality issues.  In Part 2, this podcast starts off with Billy Van Jura saying “I want to hit you with your social media.”  Billy poses the question of whether or not there is a percentage formula between how many clients you have to how many social likes or followers you should have.

Listen to Jason’s treatment of this question.  They speak in unison and remind us that in 90% of the time, you should create a situation in which people will want to buy while the rest of the 10% can be about your agency, about insurance, or about a sale.

Tune in once again to Billy Van Jura and Jason Cass in yet another rich conversation.  Join the fun!