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How Young Insurance Agents Should Be Investing their Time and Marketing Dollars

We are looking at these “Times of the Young Agent” and for this episode, we are proud to have, for the first time ever,  an interview with a dynamic duo: Lisa and Will Lemanski, owners of Meiers, Lombardini, and Lemanski Insurance in East Lansing Michigan. We are also proud to interview Lisa Lemanski who was […]

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Insurance Marketing Advice


How To Create a Marketing Plan for Your Insurance Agency

Today you’re feeling ambitious and want to take another stab at organizing your dysfunctional marketing efforts. That’s good, let’s start there. Here at GROW we’re asked all the time by agents and agencies how they can organize their marketing and put a solid plan into action that sticks. The biggest problem we face is that […]

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old television with YouTube logo on screen

Why You Shouldn't Care if Your YouTube Videos Get 30 Views

Have you taken a seat at the new kitchen table? That’s what I called online video (and most of digital marketing) in my first ever talk to a group of insurance agents. I just mentioned it in passing, it wasn’t a focal point of the talk, but it really stuck and several people came up […]

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How Google+ Can Help You Predict the Future

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the future held for your agency? What if you knew exactly what actions you needed to take today to reach your growth goals three, five, even ten years from now? No more wasting money on the next best technology. No more consultants pushing the latest and greatest sales […]

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The Grow Show

Listen to Jason and Joey on The Grow Show

The Internet of Things (IoT) – How Far Do They Go in The Grow Show?

If you like tapping into a puddles of theory and enjoy stretching the outer limits of the box, then The Grow Show is the place for you.  Hinging off Jason’s podcast from 3 weeks ago, they further discuss John Chamber’s forecast of the internet: “In five years ALL business will be digital and just happen […]

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