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Want to have a say about your own personal brand and need to create a way to connect with your prospects and customers? You need to meet them where they are…online. GROW can help you get there. Find out how we can help you.


Agency Owner

Know your agency needs to make the leap into the next generation and not sure how?  At GROW we believe it’s about creating a Social and Digital Business because what works in the offline world works in the online world.  See how we can get you where you want to go.



As an association your number one goal is communicating more effectively to your membership.  That’s exactly what becoming Social and Digital is all about.  Learn how GROW is helping state associations reach their membership in new exciting ways.

Have You Read Our Blog?

In the spirit of creating a community of agents and bringing together the best and brightest in the industry our blog is a true resource for agents.  Our library of content is a true resource for the insurance industry.


How Insurance Agents Convert Loyalty into Revenue

Earlier this year the management consulting firm Bain & Company released a study regarding customer loyalty in the P&C and life insurance market. This research provides unique insight into how client relationships play an important role in carrier and agency revenue growth. Great news for the insurance agent, as they [...]

Why Are You Really Creating Content For Your Prospects and Customers?

When you write a blog post to your prospects and customers, what is your ultimate purpose? Often, insurance bloggers will state their purpose is to gain public awareness, increase traffic to their website, search engine optimization (SEO), or simply to write more business.  Those are all potential benefits to blogging, [...]

Did You Know We Have a Podcast?

We believe in giving a voice to those that have no voice and Agents Influence does that for agents.  We talk about the biggest issues effecting the insurance industry and have everyone from local agents to CEO’s of some of the largest insurance companies on our podcast.


Dave Jackson and the Independent Agency Owners Only Group

Agency apps and digital communities are just a couple of things that Dave Jackson has pioneered or is pioneering in his area of business. He’s a veteran agent but just started his independent agency a year ago. He’s doing awesome things in Gilbert, Arizona and has taken the reigns on [...]

Are You Paying Attention to the Paradigm Shift in Our Industry?

Jason Cass is back in rotation with a rant about the paradigm shift in the independent insurance industry, and to introduce what’s to come for the rest of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. We’ve got Big Wig Season kicking off Tuesday, November 25 so don’t miss the series!  Listen to [...]