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Want to have a say about your own personal brand and need to create a way to connect with your prospects and customers? You need to meet them where they are…online. GROW can help you get there. Find out how we can help you.


Agency Owner

Know your agency needs to make the leap into the next generation and not sure how?  At GROW we believe it’s about creating a Social and Digital Business because what works in the offline world works in the online world.  See how we can get you where you want to go.



As an association your number one goal is communicating more effectively to your membership.  That’s exactly what becoming Social and Digital is all about.  Learn how GROW is helping state associations reach their membership in new exciting ways.

Have You Read Our Blog?

In the spirit of creating a community of agents and bringing together the best and brightest in the industry our blog is a true resource for agents.  Our library of content is a true resource for the insurance industry.


Insurance Agent 2020

Back in February on one of my Agents Influence podcasts I shared my thoughts about social and digital business and the problems I saw on the horizon. I briefly discussed how society and the consumer of today and the way the buy has shifted and what we need to do to combat this. The podcast is called “Social and Digital Business WTF? “(Why The Face).  In that podcast I talked about how Social and Digital (leveraging technology to be more efficient in your agency) was so much more than marketing, [...]

Forget Customer Service -Create Customer Experience Instead

If you’re in insurance, and I ask you why your customers do business with you, and you answer “Because we give great service,” I will probably punch you in the throat. Come to think of it, no matter what industry you’re in, if you give the same answer, the results will be the same Honestly, I’m a pretty easygoing person (and non-violent). But sayings like this throw me into a fit the likes of which my 3-year-old would envy. Simply saying “We Give Great Service” is complete crap. Because who honestly says “We [...]

Did You Know We Have a Podcast?

We believe in giving a voice to those that have no voice and Agents Influence does that for agents.  We talk about the biggest issues effecting the insurance industry and have everyone from local agents to CEO’s of some of the largest insurance companies on our podcast.


Transitioning Your Agency into a Social and Digital Business

More efficient office operations. Digital tools to optimize your sales and referral process. Social marketing strategies to create a more personable approach, and social media to clutch client retention. These are just a few points Jason Cass touches on in this interview by John Carroll. Join John Carroll as the roles reverse in one of the last podcasts in the Month of Marketing. Jason Cass also walks through his early beginnings as a salesperson and explains how he became an agent, then an agency owner, and now to one of [...]

Rethinking the Customer Experience in Your Agency with Jeff Tobe

Jeff Tobe is an international keynote speaker who helps organizations rethink the customer experience and motivates individuals to identify visible opportunities where others only see visible limitations.   Walk away with a new perspective and an enlightened vision for your business. In this podcast, Jeff Tobe discusses these six points with Jason Cass: Cost vs Value Perspective The Harvey Principle (identifying opportunities) Give Yourself an ASK (Alternative Solution Kit) Experience vs Customer Service Exercise Your Risk Muscle How does this apply to your agency?  And how will you implement these ideas to improve [...]